Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can Emphysema Cause Back Pain And Fatigue

Random Things!

Hello dear ones,

first like to welcome the new readers I just completely love and hope they have lots of fun with my blog. What
really exciting, I tell you today, unfortunately, not because I'm just sick and out of school is not really what I have done. But my love and I just tried yesterday Cupak to bake and they are sooo delicious.
We have decided on chocolate-orange cupcakes. Have therefore only normal chocolate muffins baked and then decorated with a Orangetopping.
The topping is not as orange as the photo. This is the stupid light here.

was also the 2nd day Season Sex and the City in my mailbox. Did they ertauscht in exchange for 3 tickets and only tickets. I just got so excited and so looking forward to my DVD collection of another season:)
What do you think of Sex and the City? What is your favorite series

Afterwards there is pictures of my second car and I tell you where I'll be Saturday and which I will then report Sunday gaaaanz exactly;)


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